Become your own boss and stop working to make someone else rich

Hey guys I just wanted to share some really great advice that a friend gave to me about living your life to the fullest. I work in a pro shop at a country club in one in a pretty wealthy section of New York State and the people that I see every day are extremely wealthy business men and women. I always wondered how it will feel to live life like these people, they had it all. Members would drive Ferraris Lamborghinis and that’s just there weekly cars I was just so astonished by the wealth I saw.


I’m a very curious person so I started doing my studying and started becoming aquatinted with good number of the members and was able to talk to them about their careers and how life was being financially free. Ladies and gentlemen what I am about to share with you is something you should really take in if you want to become successful and comfortable or even wealthy. The thing that I’ve found out about wealth is that if you want to be wealthy you have to think and act like a wealthy individual. Now I know you’re probably saying “how the hell am I supposed to act wealthy if I’m not wealthy” well its easy. Here are great steps into getting into a wealthy mindset.


  1. a.     Ask yourself what you really love to do, what is your passion in life. If you could do anything in the world and get a lot of money for it what would you do?
  2. b.     Envision the amount of money that you want to earn and what would you do with it. Buy a brand new car, buy a house, start a company let your imagination run free.
  3. c.      Realize that you only have one life and that your time is priceless, you do not want to live your life making somebody else rich, you want to make money for yourself and with determination and dedication you      will succeed
  4. d.     Let failure be your motivation to win, all great entrepreneurs failed in the beginning and that was their fuel to try harder and become successful. Always remember that if it was easy everybody would be rich.


Get your mind in the right wealthy mindset and I guarantee you success you just need to be prepared for failure and let it be the fuel for your success. Wealth is a way of life it isn’t just something you get over night wealth is something acquired and once its acquired you will benefit a great deal.


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